The Imprint 3D Collection

Your face. Your fit. Your goggles. This is custom, redefined.

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Everyone’s Unique. Your Goggles Should be Too.

You choose your frame, lenses and strap; we create the ultimate custom goggles. Can you still have our color-and-contrast booting ChromaPop™ technology? Sure. Imprint 3D goggles integrate seamlessly with our helmets for efficient airflow that keeps them fog-free through all weather conditions.

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We'll Only Make One Pair of These. Yours.

The Smith Imprint 3D Collection, now available in 3 models. Based on a precision scan that maps the unique terrain of your face, we use cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create goggles with an ultra-custom fit. Made-to-order. One-of-a-kind. For you and you only.

The Imprint 3D Collection

A perfect fit is now within reach.

How it Works

Choose your strap plus two lenses, and place your order. Next, you’ll receive a unique code and download instructions for the SMITH App (IOS/Apple compatible only) where you’ll create a 3D face scan with a few quick motions. We’ll build and ship your goggles within 14 business days from completion of your face scan.

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*App is only compatible on Apple iOS devices that support Face ID.